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1Automatic barriers are installed everywhere - in the supermarket parking places, in the garage cooperatives, in the office parking places, at the entrance to the industrial area, at railway crossings, toll roads, etc.

Automatic barriers are selected for an object in accordance to their place of installation, the rate of the traffic flow and the customer requirements.

One of the most important characteristics of the automatic barriers is the rate and time of lifting of the boom. Boom length varies depending on the closed path of movement.

Automatic barriers may be controlled in various ways. The most common - radio control or card access system. It is also possible to control the barrier from a stationary electric button, from the GSM signal, via magnetic loop, etc.

Automatic barriers are almost always equipped with photosensors or LW contact, which excludes the dropping of the boom on the car, which is under the automatic barrier boom.


The most popular automatic barriers, which have been installed and maintained by our company for more than 15 years - barriers from the company RIB. Italian manufacturer RIB is one of the oldest manufacturers with the own school of designers and long-term traditions of design of automatic devices.

LH barrier

 LH 3   LH 2

Technical parametres
Power options 230v AC
Nominal power 90W
Arrow length 4 - 5.5 m
Limit switch Magnetic
Engine speed 2800 r/m
Working temperature

-20 ~ +55 °C

Noise level ≤56dB
Protection level IP54
Certification CE
Rise time 4 s

Price - 630 euro + VAT

Barrier with LED arrow 4m - 640 eiro + VAT

Came Gard

Came 3   Came 2

Technical parametres
Power options 230v AC
Nominal power 300W
Rise time 4s (4m)
Limit switch Magnetic
Torque 200 Nm
Working temperature

-20 ~ +55 °C

Consuption 15A
Protection level IP54
Certification CE

Standart price - 966 eiro + VAT; Price with discount - 690 euro + VAT



bar1  bar1  bar1  bar1  bar1  bar1  bar1  bar1  bar1

For the places with high traffic, the barriers from the German company ELKA are offered.

The cheap and reliable barriers, which are manufactured in Southeast Asia, are popular nowadays.

el1  el2  el1  el1  el1



Turnstiles are the devices, the main purpose of which is to control the flow of people and regulate the entry and exit in the companies, administrative institutions, organizations, banks, CP, etc. There are several main types of turnstiles, depending on their main purpose. 

Tripod turnstiles are installed mainly on at the gatehouses of the companies and other organizations, when it is necessary to control entry and exit (access) to the premises, which is authorized only by certain individuals.

Turnstiles - gates are ideal for the organization in order to ensure free passage in one direction and to restrict an unauthorized exit (stores, supermarkets). Full height rotor turnstiles are securely closing the passage areas, which allows using them at the objects with high security requirements and high rate of the flow of people (stadiums).

Various devices can be connected to the turnstiles, which are providing additional options:

• remote indicators, which are showing the direction of the authorized passage;

• radio control device;

• device for the issuing of the command of the emergency unlocking.

• unauthorized passage sensor with siren

• power supply, which is safe for the human - 12 to 36V

• unlocking of the turnstile with a key in emergency situations



bl1   Standart price - 160 euro + VAT

                                                       Special offer - 120 eiro + VAT

bl1   Standart price - 98 euro + PVN

                                                       Special offer - 60 eiro + VAT