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07Nonstandard gates of large sizes, special gates are usually called hangar gates.

They are installed in the aircraft hangars, factory floors, docks of shipyards, rail and tram depots, etc.

 The most common are two types of hangar gates, rolling gates (shipyards, docks, workshops), swinging hangar gates (depots, warehouses) and folding lifting gates (aviation, shipyard)



Sectional garage gates are easy to use, highly reliable, safe, guaranteedly keeping heat in the premise, durable - these are the qualities of sectional gates, which are ensuring their high popularity both in private sector and at the production sites.

Sectional lifting gates consist of a supporting frame, gate leaf, torsion shaft with torsion spring.

picture350Sliding gates (cantilever gates) - the most practical solution for entry of transport into the territory. Sliding (cantilever) gates do not conceal space directly outside the gate, which allows parking right outside the sliding (cantilever) gates. The gates satisfy high consumer demands for the design, reliability and ease of use. The required lateral space in the direction of the sliding gates is about 1.5 of the opening width.

picture1924Swinging gates are structurally simple, and, therefore, swinging gates are cheaper than the analogous sliding (cantilever) gates by about 20%. The free space is required for the swinging gates on the side, to which the swinging gates are opening. The space should be equal to the half width of the opening.

Swinging gates (leaves) are made of shaped pipes, treated with anticorrosion soil and, on the customer’s request, can be painted in any color from RAL catalogue.

The special wear-resistant ball loops are used in the co

gate coldOur company offers gates and doors for cold chambers and warehouses, freezing chambers of different temperature regimes. The thickness of the panels in the gate varies depending on the temperature difference between the premise and the cold chamber. Frames and supporting structures are usually made of stainless steel or hot dip galvanized metals.

Fire (fire-resistant) gates are intended to localize the fire sources, to ensure maximum protection against fire, and to organize evacuation routes for people and property.

Types of fire gates:

We offer automation kits for gates CAM  and V2 These manufacturers have been chosen by us from dozens of manufacturers on the basis of the analysis of reliability, ease of use and installation of automatic devices. The solutions have been worked out for gates weighing up to 3000 kg.




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