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picture1924Swinging gates are structurally simple, and, therefore, swinging gates are cheaper than the analogous sliding (cantilever) gates by about 20%. The free space is required for the swinging gates on the side, to which the swinging gates are opening. The space should be equal to the half width of the opening.

Swinging gates (leaves) are made of shaped pipes, treated with anticorrosion soil and, on the customer’s request, can be painted in any color from RAL catalogue.

The special wear-resistant ball loops are used in the co nstruction of swinging gates, which are ensuring smoothness of movement, long useful life and movement without skewing and jamming.

The leaves of swinging gates can be filled with a variety of decorative materials: board, forged elements, welded mesh, fence panel, etc.

Swinging gates can be operated both manually and mechanically.

We are also offering to install the automatic devices of the swinging gates. Automation control is carried out from the security button, the radio remote control, control via GSM and other types of control are possible.

For proper installation of the columns under the leaves and installation of automatic devices for swinging gates, we recommend to contact the specialists of the company.