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Sectional garage gates are easy to use, highly reliable, safe, guaranteedly keeping heat in the premise, durable - these are the qualities of sectional gates, which are ensuring their high popularity both in private sector and at the production sites.

Sectional lifting gates consist of a supporting frame, gate leaf, torsion shaft with torsion spring.

Sectional gate leaf is made of sandwich panels of 40 mm in thickness, for panoramic sectional gate the aluminium profile with double glazing of acrylic or polycarbonate is used. Basic colors for sectional gates are white RAL 9010 and brown RAL 8014. However, the sectional lifting gates can be ordered in any color from the table RAL. Horizontally arranged sandwich panels of sectional lifting gates, which are interconnected by loops, form a gate leaf, which is moving vertically and leaves an open space. The gate can be easily opened manually, by the use of the device of the torsion shaft with torsion springs..



When selecting the gate, the following issues should be taken into account:

Thermal insulation. For Latvia, where temperatures reach -25 -30 °C, it is important that the thickness of the polyurethane is not less than 40 mm. The coefficient of the thermal conductivity panels K = 0,43 N cal. (PU 80 k = 0,22). Another very important element of insulation - thermal bridge, i.e. the outer and inner Me of the gate side should be separated by thermal insulation, otherwise the frost will be created in the locks of the panels already at a temperature of -15 °C, and the heat losses will significantly increase.

SEALING. Some companies use panels for gates, which are not recommended for our latitude. First, the sealing between the panels, which is deformed at low temperatures and DOES NOT ENSURE THERMAL INSULATION. Second, lateral seals. Deep TOOTHING ON THE PANELSis not compensated by the lateral seal. Just calculate how much heat is lost through the total gap.

Durability. Reduction of the steel thickness is less than 0.55 mm and the application of “soft” Me leads to a rapid loss of the appearance of the gates. Within 2-3 years of OPERATION, there will be dimples on the gates. To prevent corrosion, preliminary galvanization of the steel sheet with the later polymer coating is required.

Therefore, our company uses the panels only of the highest quality, which are produced by the world leader in the production of sandwich panels – “Metecno Door Panels”.

Our gates have safety certificate 0402 - CPD - 40 70 59 (application without a certificate has been restricted since 2005 by the European Directive NE 13241-1: 2003). Automatic devices have been selected on the basis of our extensive experience in the installation and operation of the gates - more than 6 000 installations over 14 years.



The sectional lifting gates can be easily automated. The automatic devices for the lifting sectional gates are applied. Automation control of sectional gates is possible by button or remote control device.

Technical information on automatic devices

  Came and Ditec- World leaders in the production of automatic devices for gates and doors.

Our gates are produced in accordance with the opening size of the customer. Own production allows taking into account the specific requirements for the execution of each piece of work.


The appearance, which is preserved for a long time and reliable operation of the gates turns them into one of the most popular construction solutions for closing of the openings of industrial buildings and private houses.

Sections have the form of a sandwich structure. The mating of sections by means of a special locking of M-type and rubber seals around the whole perimeter, reduce the heat loss through the gate to a minimum. From all types of the lifting gates, the gate of the sections are the most effective in respect of the thermal protection. Construction of fasteners and guides have the hot dipped galvanized coating that protects the structure from corrosion for a long time.



Components for rolling gates  are exceptionally of high quality.

Rolling gates with a folding guide. This design of rolling gates closing almost any opening across the width. This project has been implemented by our company in stock of sawdust.



 Full-lifting gates - the cheapest option. Available in standard sizes


 SILVELOKS gates of premium class of valuable wood species are available on request. Exceptional design.