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07Nonstandard gates of large sizes, special gates are usually called hangar gates.

They are installed in the aircraft hangars, factory floors, docks of shipyards, rail and tram depots, etc.

 The most common are two types of hangar gates, rolling gates (shipyards, docks, workshops), swinging hangar gates (depots, warehouses) and folding lifting gates (aviation, shipyard)


Absolutely all industrial doors are unique. There are no standard sizes of hangar gates, as the industrial enterprises - are not typical high-rise buildings or houses that do not differ from one another. Therefore, all constructions of gates are designed only for a specific opening, according to individual projects.

The materials from which the gates are made: sheet metal, metal sandwich panels, fiberglass and plastic - polyester.

An important aspect in the design of large gates – heat retention in the premise, where the gates are installed. There is a rule in respect to hangar gates: the level of thermal insulation of the gate leaf should not be less than the thermal insulating proportion of the walls of the hangar.

Hangar gates are almost always a heavy construction. And, therefore, potentially unsafe. Therefore, very strict requirements for the maintenance of safe operation are specified. Gate construction provides safety photocells and mechanical limit switches of the drive, the possibility of emergency braking wing, the system sound and light alarm is being developed. In case of blackout, hangar are gates equipped with the emergency release system, which is carried out manually.

The main load on the industrial hangar gates is wind force. However, a strong wind force is not the only factor, which should be considered in the course of designing. The snow force, the purpose of the premise, and even the type of equipment, which is arranged inside, for example, multi-ton cranes and other heavy devices, should be taken into account.

Our company has successfully coped with the complexities of design and installation of special hangar gates already for many years.

Some of the projects implemented by Rol-automatik are presented below.


Kuģu būve un remonts "Mangali Enerpise"  Rīgas Kuģu Būvētava   

Generally, sliding hangar gates consist of several leaves.

Here as an example of the construction: leaf includes metal constructions (frames and connection), support wheels-trucks and the upper guiding rollers. With the help of travel mechanisms – electric drivers – leaves are travelling along the guiding rail.


 Tosmares kuģu būvētava   LDz depo "Zasulauks"   LDz depo "Zasulauks"

Swinging gates of large sizes are mostly required in the tram and train depots. These gates generally consist of a metal frame filled with sandwich panels or sheet metal. The proper location and selection of loops for even load distribution are very important. Sealing materials, which are located around the perimeter of the gate leaves, do not allow the heat losses. Such gates are often equipped with electric drivers of swing type.

 Depo TTP, Rīgas Satiksme   Depo TTP, Rīgas Satiksme


Aircraft gates (gates for aircraft hangars) must be highly reliable, as the safety of air travel and the operation of airlines is depending also on them. Aircraft hangar gates are designed to meet individual and non-standard customer needs. Very large and complex configuration of the opening is often required. Aircraft hangar gates are designed for individual projects and are available in all sizes. The use of the gate multisystems is often required, when the gate size and configuration of the opening are similar to the configuration of the airplane circuit. For example, three multisystems have the following parameters: width L1/L2/L1 m and height H1/H2/H1 m. Materials for construction of aircraft hangar gates are different. For example - special heavy-duty double-layered reinforced fabric or a light metal alloy with reinforcements.





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