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Why roller protective shutters are so popular?

Roller shutters or roller blinds, as the protective shutters are often called, are easy to install in the constructed buildings and at the construction phase.

Protective shutters are a good substitute for metal grillers. The special types of profiles of shutters, including bullet-proof, are manufactured.

Protective shutters are very popular in Germany. German consumers can save up to 40% of the costs for heating ofthe building. As we know, the main heat losses occur in any building through the windows, and at night, when the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures reaches a maximum. Also, there is no need to keep the house with the open shutters, when the whole family is at work. In the hot summer days, the shutters protect the premises from overheating on the sunny side.

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Options of the drives of shutters:

• manual mechanisms (tape, cardan)

• electric

Electric drive control options:

• from the switch (buttons, electric locks, etc.)

• radio control

• different types of group control



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If you have decided to install roller protective shutters (roller blinds) on the showcases of the stores or office, rolling doors on the folding hangar, it is quite reasonable to put place advertising on the shutters or doors.

In the evening and at night, as well as in the weekends, your windows and doors will serve as an excellent advertising platform. This will help you attract new customers and increase profits. In addition, it will help to help create a unique design, as the illustrations on the roller protective shutters (roller blinds) and the rolling door will make your premises individual.

If you decide to install the roller protective shutters (roller blinds) and the rolling door with an illustration, please note that the illustration is perfectly perceived by the observer at a distance of 3 - 5 meters. The fact is that the cloth, on which the illustration is applied, consists of individual lamellae, and the gaps between them cannot be seen from a distance of 3 - 5 meters.

Illustration is applied on the roller protective shutters (roller blinds) or rolling door only before installation. If the roller shutters and rolling door have been already installed, it is difficult and technologically wrong to apply the illustration.

We represent a leading manufacturer of profiles and accessories of protective shutters in Eastern Europe, a group of companies ALUTECH.

Our company has been engaged in manufacturing and installing of protective shutters over 15 years.

Like any other product, protective shutters require professional knowledge and skills. Wrong calculation and installation can easily turn all the benefits of protective shutters into the absence of these benefits.




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